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As soon as an appointment is made, we get to work making sure that your move is tailored to your needs and that everything is ready to go on the day of your move. For a smooth process, our local movers collaborate with Move Coordinators to make sure they are well-informed and ready.

We show up on time the day of the move prepared to transport your goods to your new home. Our movers will prepare your home to safeguard banisters, doors, flooring, heavy appliances, and furniture after first consulting with you to go over any concerns, specific needs, or requests that you may have. For added effectiveness and safety, we’ll load your goods in a set order to transport them fast and damage-free.

To help you settle in more quickly once you get at your final destination, we’ll unload your boxes where you want them and reassemble your furniture. We also provide expert packing services to carefully, quickly, and efficiently pack and unpack your stuff, saving you time and stress and ensuring that all of your belongings are safe and secure during the move.

That’s why Best Movers Service LLC is the best local moving company in Arlington Virignia. Contact us today or request a quote online. If long-distance travel beyond local services is approaching, check out our nationwide travel services for long-distance or international travel! 

2 Movers and Truck
Best choice for studio or one bedroom apartment
3 Movers and Truck
Best choice for 1-2 bedrooms apartment
4 Movers and Truck
Best choice for 3-4 bedrooms apartment and house

Popular Moving Questions

Hiring movers for two hours in DMV area costs an average of $500. Get your personal moving offer. 

The actual time it takes to move varies greatly from move to move, but professional movers provide the following general schedule based on the size of your apartment.
It takes approximately 2-4 hours to move one bedroom apartment.

Start packing at least three weeks before your planned moving date. The actual preparations for your move should begin at least six to eight weeks before your move. The sooner you start packing, the easier it will be when your moving date gets closer. 

Usually, to estimate the cost of a move, take the estimated time it will take to complete the move and multiply it by the hourly rate of the mover. Then add charges such as packing materials, travel time.

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